• How to Install Norton Security on Android Device?

  • Norton Security online protects your devices, system – and everybody in your family – from spammers, malicious websites, and different types of online threats that might be an attempt to steal your data or destroy your system by hackers.


    In order to download and Install Norton Security, you are required to visit Norton Security official page and choose a package specific to your need. But, before proceeding, make sure you have a TELUS account, as you might be asked to log in to your TELUS account to order. Once you successfully verify as a TELUS client, you can now further start the downloading process. However, installing of Norton security for the mobile device inherent’ different process.

    Are you looking for the steps to Install Norton Security on your Mobile device?

    There are two different ways of initiating the installation process of Norton security software system onto your Android device. Prior to listing, you must understand that Norton Security comes as a protection service that features multiple software products depending device for which you need a protection. In different words, the operating system that runs on your device determines the Norton product you employ. For your Android based devices, it is recommended to use Norton Mobile Security.

    The two different ways install Norton Mobile Security onto your Android device is:

    1. First, visit the Norton official page and sign into your Norton Account from your computer, and send the instructions by entering the email address configured on your Android mobile device. Check your Mobile device, the email would have sent by Norton. Further, Open the mail on your Mobile and follow the instructions.
    2. You can also download and install Norton app from Google Play store right from your mobile device. Then, sign up into your Norton Account for registering your Android device. This is the mandatory registration, which is obligatory for enabling all features of Norton Mobile Security.


    To know more about the installation process and download options at Install Norton Security page, feel free to contact experts via Norton Support Numbers for instant help.


    Antivirus Support Toll-Free number +1 855-675-0083 (USA/Canada)

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